Voice Acting

If you would like to get in contact about potential voice over acting work, please would you include the words ‘VOICE ACTING’ in the subject of the message, so I don’t ignore it as spam. Or contact me through twitter @tale2tell_media or LinkedIn

Equipment list

Mics: RODE NTK & Shure SM7B

Preamp: TLAudio Ivory 2 5050 Mono Valve Preamp & Compressor

Audio Interface: Focusrite Scarlett 8i6

Recording: Either direct to pc or to a Tascam DR-606 MKII solid state audio recorder

Headphones: Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO and Sennheiser HD 590SR

Speakers: TAPCO S5s

Various auxiliary hardware, including large movable & folding gobos by GIK Acoustics for vocal booths etc (See my blog post here… )

Editing Software: Izotope RX7 // PreSonus Studio One // Adobe Audition // Reaper // Sound Forge Pro

Here are examples as I produce them – I can’t promise that they will be altogether serious!


Poem by Lewis Caroll

Pandora’s Nightmares (Film Trailer Example)

Spoof film trailer but without the epic music under

Grumpy Wizard

It’s what it says it is!

Aloof Vicar

An example of a sung voice with a little added reverb just to ‘sell’ the church idea

Action TV Trailer

Example TV trailer for a sports/action channel

Creepy Murderer

Another fun yet creepy vocal idea – maybe not what you may have expected!

Childlike Animation Character

A young child voice

The Velveteen Rabbit – Story Sample

An example script from The Velveteen Rabbit to give an example of a storybook audio voice

Learning Resource Sample

Lots of people need instructional videos or teaching videos. In the past I have done many of these for the video tutorials shown on this site. However, this is a scripted example, giving you an idea of what I can produce for e-learning or instructional content

Adolescent Boy

Teenage boy with voice breaking

Banking Advert Example

An advert for a bank using a voice that is based on an older person as a way of encouraging others to join them in their decision to change banks.

GrubbyPhants – Advert / Funny

A silly advert designed to show mixing of music (royalty free) and voice – an example of a standard voice

Dramatic Voice – Audio Book / Voice Over Acting

An acted voice of a character as they discover they have been deceived. This is to give an example of how I can include emotional impact in my work

Time to pay…

A gangster making sure he gets paid!

Simple Thug

A character who is somewhat lacking in the muscle between the ears!

Frozly Freezles – A Poem I wrote!

Part of a poem I wrote about the battle of heat and cold – for children


Just someone trying to cope when terrified

Grimm’s Pixie Dust – Funny

As well as doing audio, I enjoy working with scripts that encourage people to listen. While this is a still script, it is fun and people tend to listen to the end. It also shows editing skills including the addition of a royalty free music under the speech as well as close editing for the ‘t’s & C’s’ at the end.

Audio Book Example

This is part of a larger audiobook project and again shows the use of a music bed to start the chapter. It also demonstrates a different range of my voice as a rich, deep voice ideal for this type of story telling.

Story Podcast Example

This is the audio from the start of a scripted podcast, showing how I use my voice to draw the listener in.

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