Première Pro

This page is a central place to find all the Première Pro tutorials I will be creating over the coming months.

NEW Première Pro CC tutorial blog posts are being released on a regular basis here

Be sure to check them out – the first 25 tutorials are by Kevin P. McAuliffe with tutorials from 25 onwards being written by me. This looks like it will grow into a very useful resource.

Première Pro CS6 – The COMPLETE SERIES 107 Tutorials!!


Multicam in CC 2015 – Sync by Audio (2 Tutorials)

Multicam Pt 1

After Effects/Première Pro: Creative Black & White AND Eye Colourising

PP/AE Creating Desat & Eye Track

Thanks as always to Artbeats for the use of their footage for this project.

Creating the ‘Old Film’ Style Look in Première Pro CC

Old Film Look in PP

This is a short tutorial to show you how to use the standard tools in Première Pro to create an old style look.

Première Pro to DaVinci Resolve Work-flow

PP to Resolve Workflow

Here’s a tutorial I did to show how to move your Première Pro project into DaVinci Resolve!

Dailies Work-flow in Adobe SpeedGrade CC2015

SppedGrade Dailies

I know that this isn’t a Première Pro tutorial, however, people sometimes think Première Pro is the right place to do a dailies work-flow – and it isn’t – so I’m putting the tutorial here. :o)

This tutorial covers: Import, selection, timelines, key keyboard shortcuts, video scopes, timeline settings, basic grading, annotations, burn-ins and export from SpeedGrade.