It took me way too long to get on with this….


Well, after far too long, I’ve finally got my faithful RODE NTK repaired. It had developed an intermittent noise that made it unusable, sadly.

For the last year or so I’ve been using the excellent Shure SM7B and found it really easy to use for so many applications and I will continue to use it for some moving forward. However, now that I have my NTK back, it’s a real eye-opener. As a condenser microphone it picks up so much in comparison with the SM7B – which makes it harder to use for quite a few things and, for me, necessitates the use of a vocal booth. But the sound is just amazing – so rich and smooth (even when listening to the dog walking across the floor).

What it needed was a new capsule and a replacement RODE valve, and now I wonder why I waited so long. Some people want to swap out the standard valve for something else, but for me, RODE have got it just right with their 6922 of choice.

Sometimes waiting isn’t the best choice, even though by waiting I now appreciate it so much more.