Getting Started with Fusion: A Simple Text Project (2 Parts)

Fusion Basics – Part 1 of 2 – Creating Text by andrew220

Here is the first of two ‘getting started’ tutorials for Fusion. The truth is, I am learning Fusion myself and so can’t do many advanced tutorials – but we all have to start somewhere and so here is a good place to get going with this amazing FREE product

Fusion Basics – Part 2 /2 – Animation by andrew220

And here is the second part of the Fusion starter project for new users – worth working through if you are new to Fusion and want to get going quickly.

NOTE: If you find these tutorials helpful and would like to have them on your own site or blog, click on the ‘dailymotion’ logo in the bottom right corner of the video preview and then on the site below the video look for the ‘Share’ option and ‘Get embed code’ and copy and paste that to your site.