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For people who have some compositing experience and who want to jump in a little quicker please start with either …

Getting Started with Fusion: A Simple Text Project (2 Part Series)

Fusion Text Animation Pt 2

Which will get you going with a simple 2D project or …

Fusion Basics: Building a 3D Scene (5 Part Series)

Fusion 3D Scene Pt 5

Which will get you going with basic 3D in Fusion.

Otherwise, the Fusion Basics course is in development and will continue to appear on this page as it is released. Please be patient as I record and release this series

DaVinci Resolve Studio – Fusion Connect Power-User Options

DaVinci Resolve Studio - Fusion Connect
DaVinci Resolve Studio – Fusion Connect

Learn how to make the Fusion Connect feature continuously render any updates automatically AND how to create advanced text with an alpha channel from Fusion showing up and editable in your Resolve timeline.

How to use Rampant Design Matte Transitions in Blackmagic Design Fusion

How to use Rampant Design Style Mattes in Fusion

1) Introduction

2) What is Fusion?

3) What hardware do I need to use Fusion?

4) How does Fusion work?

5) User Interface Layout

6) Viewer Buttons (2D) Pt 1

7) Viewer Buttons (2D) Pt 2

8) Viewer Buttons (2D) Pt 3

9) Viewer Buttons (3D)

10) Playback Controls & Adding Audio

11) Additional Playback Controls

12) Setting Up Compositions

13) Using Compositions in Compositions & Auto-save

14) The Flow Panel

15) Flow Panel Options

16)Setting Up Flow Defaults

17) Tools Pt 1

18) Tools Pt 2

19) Setting Up Tool Defaults

20) Bins

21) Adding Images to Your Bin Setting Files

22) Bins 3 – Using Templates and Preserving Flows

23) Instancing Tools

24) Instancing On-the-Fly

25) Flow Colours and Preview Options

26) Tool Context Menu Options

27) Advanced UI Layouts

28) Pan & Scan Overview


29) The Background Tool

30) Merge & Transform (Xf)

31) Simple Solar System

32) Apply Modes Overview

33) Apply Modes Pt 1

34) Apply Modes Pt 2

35) Apply Modes Pt 3

36) Masks Pt 1 – Cutting Out Text

37) Masks Pt 2 – Paint Modes

38) Masks Pt 3 – Bitmap

etc etc etc as they are produced – watch this space!

Modifiers in Fusion (4 so far)

Motion Graphics with the Duplicate 3D Tool (3 Part Series)

Copying and Pasting Motion Paths in Fusion

3D – Replacing & Creating a Material in Fusion (and Clara.io) (5 part series)


3D – Building & Controlling a Clock Face in Fusion (5 Part Series)

Compositing: Creative Black & White + Eye Colourisation (2 Part Series)

Compositing & Text: Creating Glowing/Streaky Text in Fusion

Other – Mocha Pro v5 to Fusion Workflow – now super easy!

Mocha to Fusion