After Effects

Adobe After Effects (AE) Basics – Series (80 Tutorials)


This is the place to come to start to learn AE or simple to brush up your skills or remind yourself of things you may have forgotten.

After Effects Basics – Multi-Layer Keying Series – 5 Tutorials

Keying 1

After Effects Basics – The Card Wipe Effect – A Series of 4 Tutorials

Card Wipe 4

Building a Shape Layer Clock in Adobe After Effects – A 3 part tutorial series

AE - Clock Face pt3

In this short series of 3 tutorials I’ll show you how to create a simple animatable clock using shape layers in Adobe After Effects.

A complete Series of 15 Tutorials on Creating & Animating Text in Adobe After Effects

 AE Text 5

Text animation and motion graphics are a big part of the After Effects model and it could be said that After Effects is one of the best and easiest to use tools for text animation. However, as with all things there are lots of tools that make your work easier and faster that unless you know they are there you may well miss.

In this series on text animation in After Effects Andrew Devis goes through the tools that give After Effects such power. Suitable for all levels.

At the end of the series I talk about the template project you will need to download which can be found here.

After Effects: Building a Simple 3D Scene – A 5 part tutorial series

AE 3D scene pt5

Here is a new series of 5 tutorials on creating and animating a 3D scene in After Effects.

Adobe After Effects – Controlling the Buzz Words Preset

AE Buzz Words Preset

Here’s a tutorial I did a little while ago about controlling the ‘Buzz Words’ preset – It’s quite a cool tool and I also look at using ‘time re-mapping’ – so worth a look!

Extruding 3D Text in Adobe After Effects (2 part tutorial)

AE Extrude 3D text pt 2

Glowing Streaky Text in After Effects & Fusion

AE Glowing Streaky Text

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