After Effects Basics – Multi-Layer Keying Pt 1

This first tutorial goes through the basics of using Keylight 1.2 in AE and how to create a basic key. These tutorials use footage from and I would recommend going to the download section to see the green screen plates. However, I would also urge you to have a look at this excellent site with may very useful teaching and learning resources.

After Effects Basics – Multi-Layer Keying Pt 2

Light spill from your green or blue screen can fall differently on different parts of your talent depending on what they are have on and how close they are to the screen itself – how powerful the lights are etc. In this tutorial Andrew shows how to use multiple layers to deal with different types of spill.

After Effects Basics – Multi-Layer Keying Pt 3

This tutorial looks at the problem of edges and the further problems that trying to deal with them can cause!

After Effects Basics – Multi-Layer Keying Pt 4

In this final tutorial Andrew pops into Mocha for AE to do a little bit of tracking so that he can be sure that the issues mentioned in Pt 3 can be dealt with. So, maybe now is the time to start learning so cool Mocha tracking tips and tricks?

After Effects Basics – Keying – A Simple Light Wrap

In this final tutorial on Keying in AE I show a simple method to create a light wrap effect that takes the pixels of the background a wraps them around the edge of the keyed item to help make it look like the item is really in the place you have composited it to be in … a really helpful trick to ‘sell’ the shot!