Whats the plan

Thank you for visiting tale2tell.com , I hope you’ve found some really helpful tutorials to get you started in whichever application it is I train.

However, you may be asking yourself how and why I am giving away these free tutorials?

Well, here’s the plan for the sake of full disclosure. In due course, once the view rates of the tutorials have hit a certain daily number I will be looking to include adverts at the start of each tutorial in the hope that I will be able to earn enough from the advertising to be able to keep on producing these free tutorials for you to watch and learn from.

I know adverts can be a bit of a drag but I am hoping that not having to pay for this level of training will make it worth your time to sit through some short adverts. I don’t plan to add any advertising mid way through the tutorials or at the end – so when the adverts start (which may not be for a few months yet) I hope you will understand and not get too frustrated with them because of the value of the training.

Secondly, comments. As a small time producer I don’t have much time to monitor comments that come on my site. For a while I did allow comments to be made but the level of spam was so great that it simply wasn’t worth the time to monitor and deal with it all. So with that in mind I have decided to turn off all comments on the site and I hope again that you will understand. However, if you do still need to get in touch you can do so through the ‘About’ page.

Many thanks once again for visiting the site.