Here’s a creative Bible story I did a few years ago for a children’s holiday club. The idea behind this kind of creative Bible story telling is to get to the truths of the Bible story from a different perspective. However, the important thing is to retain the truth at all times and not to add things in that could compromise the truth of the story.

Now, obviously, the ‘large fish’ or ‘whale’ (or whatever it was) – never spoke and didn’t tell its own story so is simply a vehicle through which parts of the story can be told in the hope that the impact of what happened can be seen clearly either for the first time or, if the story has been heard before, then ‘through new eyes’ so to speak and the story can come to life for the viewer/listener.

Anyway, have a watch and listen to ‘Jonah’s Whale’ story and let me know what you think.

As for the technical details for those who want to know – I recorded and edited the audio and used a picture that I purchased with commercial rights and used them together inside of a program called ‘Crazytalk’ which lip-syncs audio to a picture. Lastly, I also did some finishing in Adobe After Effects (but not much – just a little use of the puppet tool to move the tail and also to create a background).