Bible Stories

This page is a place to put all my Bible stories so you can search through them at your leisure. Let me know how you get on with them. Some of these have been broadcast on radio and others are from live tellings of these stories in different venues.

Latest Story – A Topsy-Turvy Kingdom – The Rich Young Man

This is a combination of 2 Bible stories in one and told from the perspective of the Apostle Andrew (seemed an apt choice at the time). It looks at the values of God’s Kingdom.

Easter Stories

NEW Easter Story – Seven sayings from the cross – The Centurion’s Story

Bible Story – ‘Doubting Thomas’

Samson And The City Of Death

Christmas Stories

Here are 5 Christmas stories to let you know a little about all that happened on that first Christmas. Hope you enjoy them – (no pictures just audio).

The Silent Priest

Jesus Birth Foretold

Shepherds and Angles

Wise Men & Mortal Danger

The Little Fir Tree – A creative Christmas story

Other Bible Stories

Standing Firm – A Bible Story

Jonah’s Whale – Children’s Bible Story

Samson & Delilah Live

Hidden Treasure

Daniel’s Lion

The Story of Jonah

Daniel and the lions den – live

The story of creation

The Fall – How it all went wrong!

Samson and Delilah

The Lying Prophet

The Story of Naaman & Elisha

The Story of Zacchaeus & Jesus

The Story of the Man Born Blind

Cornelius & the 4 Hammer Blows of God

Being Effective – The Story of Stephen

‘Doubting’ Thomas