Adding advertising …

You may be wondering why I’ve been adding advertising to my site?

Well, somehow, I need to make this pay and it seems that the best way to do that – and still keep the tutorials available for you to watch for free – is to add advertising of some kind.

Why Amazon?

To me, it is very important that I have advertising that is wholesome and doesn’t take away from the site. So to start with I have chosen a safe option as I have started to add Amazon links to the site. It is very unlikely that you will get a bad or unhealthy link from Amazon and this has been the deciding factor as I start advertising.

My aim in due course is to offer advertising space on the site for sale to those who want to buy it. So, if you have a product or service that you think will fit in well with the content of this website and the kind of people who will be viewing it please get in touch so we can discuss options.

The Other Advertising …

You may have noticed that I am also now loading me videos onto who add pre, mid and post roll adverts to my tutorials. I have checked and at the moment I don’t have any choice about what is added through – so for now I am afraid you will have to put up with the adverts they serve, when they serve them – sorry if some of them aren’t perfect but I will be reviewing this on a regular basis to see how it goes.


In the past I have had an AdSense account with Google/YouTube – but for reasons that they will not explain no matter how much I appeal or ask – they have cancelled my AdSense account so that I cannot make any money for views of my videos on YouTube. This has been very infuriating no least because of the untouchable and aloof attitude Google have when refusing to discuss things or even allow me to talk to someone. Their decision is final and no matter what I say they seem determined not to change their minds. So, the upshot is that I cannot put new content on YouTube unless it is a trailer to new material on my site which will be loading onto .

While the reach of Dailymotion is far less than YouTube, at least I am able to monetise my content which hopefully will mean that I can continue to produce the tutorials you find helpful.

You can have these tutorials on your own site or blog!

One of the interesting things about is that if you click on the Dailymotion icon in the bottom right of the video you will go to the Dailymotion site and can then click on the ‘Share’ tab below the video to ‘Get embed code’. If you copy and paste this code onto you site/blog you can have the video on your site with advertising and I will still get income from that AND – if you sign up to an account with SO WILL YOU!! So, if you like what you see – grab the code and add it to your site – it will be good for us both!!

The Future?

Well, firstly I need to see how the advertising on the site goes and how the advertising on the videos goes. Once I have seen which works best and learnt about advertising to see if there are any better methods then I will tweak my model as best I can to ensure you have best access to the tutorials – hopefully still for free – and I can earn enough to make this a viable business …

Donate Button?

For now, I intend to keep the ‘Donate’ button on the site. I have to be honest and say I have been very moved by the generosity of some folk who have given to the work to keep it going and, for now, I need to keep it active until I can get advertising to work.

However, should I be able to get to the point where advertising is working well then I will remove the ‘Donate’ button at that point.

Thank you…

Lastly, thank you for bearing with me and In truth, my skill is in tutorial making/training and not really on website design or running a website – so it may not be as good as it could be. However, you are bearing with me and so I will continue to do my best. But know that I am very grateful for your support.


March 2016