Samson And The City Of Death

Photo from by pcstratman – Samson steals the gates – Bible drawing by Otto Semler

Here is a link to another story about Samson once again broadcast on UCB Inspirational (28th Feb 2015). However, while the last story looked at all the promise that never really found fulfilment in the life of Samson, this story looks at what we can learn about Jesus when we try and understand a short and rather odd story in the life of this man – who was after all a special gift from God to the people of Israel!

In this story there are great riches to be found about all that Jesus would do for us many years after the life and death of Samson so that we can see that in some ways and at some points Samson’s life was a prophetic life pointing forward to the ‘Real Saviour’ who was still to come.

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Samson and Delilah

Picture from by Glenn Marsch and is Gerrit von Honthorst (1615) Samson and Delilah

This is a teaching Bible story looking at the life of Samson and how God used him even though he was so compromised – but also asking ‘what could have been’?

It was first broadcast on UCB Inspirational on the 21st February 2015.

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Glowing Streaky Text in After Effects & Fusion

Here is a link to a couple of tutorials I put up on YouTube that show how to do a similar thing in both After Effects and Fusion. If you don’t know, have made Fusion FREE up to 2k output and it is an amazing compositor and worth looking into. So, just to get people started, I have done this project to show the workflow in AE and in Fusion. Hope you enjoy it.

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The Fall – How it all went wrong!

The picture is from by nick ta called ‘gopher snake coiled up’

This is the second of the Bible stories I wrote and recorded for UCB Inspirational and is the Bible story of ‘The Fall’ when Adam and his wife Eve disobeyed God and ended up breaking our relationship with Him. But it is also a story of hope in that God didn’t give up with Adam and Eve and so we can be sure He hasn’t given up on us either!

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The story of creation

This is a Bible story I wrote and recorded for UCB Inspirational which they broadcast on Saturday 7th Feb 2015. It is a creative telling of the story of how God put it all together and is based on the account in Genesis! If you have a chance why not listen and let me know what you think? Hopefully more to follow here in due course, or listen to UCB Inspirational on Saturday afternoons at 1.30pm (UK), where the series will be airing until the end of April 2015.

PS – the picture was taken near Harrogate on my way home from a day out on the 7th of Feb and was part of one of the most amazing sunsets I’ve ever seen!

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New ‘Animating Text in After Effects’ series on YouTube

Well, I’ve finally got back into tutorial production and have started with a new series on ‘Animating Text in Adobe After Effects’ which will be found on a new tutorial site for me. More details to follow in due course.

At the end of the series I talk about the template project you will need to download which can be found here.

This series is over 2 hours long and assumes that you have a little basic After Effects knowledge to start with (but not much) and is progressive, helping you to build your skill with text animation inside of After Effects.

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Daniel and the lions den – live

Picture from Flickr – by Jorge Elías of ‘Daniel in the Lions’ Den’, c. 1614/1616 oil on canvas by Sir Peter Paul Rubens (artist) Flemish, 1577 – 1640

Here is a live telling of the story of Daniel in the lions’ den from the book of Daniel. I told this story quite a lot at various school assemblies some years ago and managed to grab a recording of one telling of it which you can find here.

It’s a great story of how the Lord God looks after His people and is able to control what seems to be uncontrollable for His purposes.

Let me know what you think.


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Draw near to God

I write the occasional song and this one is based on the biblical theme that says if we draw near to God that He will draw near to us. Whilst found explicitly in the book of James, it is a theme that repeats throughout the Bible and tells us that God is waiting … He is waiting for you and I to realise how much we need Him and that without Him we don’t really have anything. It is coming to the realisation that nothing in life is worth having if we don’t have Him and that we need to get rid of everything that holds us back so that we can have more of Him.

For me, it is realising that nothing is more important than Him and the joy of knowing moment by moment, day by day that He is with me and that even when I get it wrong that He is just waiting for me to acknowledge I got it wrong, say sorry and come to Him for the help I need to start living right again.

What amazes me is that He isn’t waiting, tut-tutting and shaking His head at my failure. Instead, it is as if He’s almost impatient to hurry up and deal with the failure so it can be put behind us and forgotten so that we can get back to a close and intimate relationship together. And then, with the issue dealt with as I come to Him – in return He draws near to me (would it be irreverent to say that He hurries to be close to me again?) with all those amazing promises He gives us in the Bible.

There really is nothing more precious and valuable than knowing Jesus with you as you go through life. A

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In the throne room of God

This is an unusual one in that I actually woke up one morning singing this song/hymn! This doesn’t happen very often and when it does, most of the time I forget what I was singing within a very short period of time. But this one proved to be different in that I could still remember it some time later.

So, having remembered it, I thought maybe it would be worth sharing – so I did some editing to get the words as good as I could and recorded it and have put it up here to see what you think.

It is a hymn of praise and of access to the throne room of God with all the implications that this brings for us … I mean, we actually have access to God’s throne room – to stand before Him and bring our praise and our requests! What an amazing truth this is. Hope you enjoy it.

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A death that should have been mine

Here’s a song I wrote with the help of another student while we were at Bible college a long time ago – he is now the Rev. Simon Faulks. It is about the death of Jesus, the cost of the cross on the Father and that it was a death that should have been mine.

When you see pictures of Jesus on that cross, you just need to remember that He didn’t need to go there for His own sin – He went there for my sin – my sin and your sin. He literally died in our place taking the punishment we deserved so that we could become ‘right’ in God’s eyes.

Can’t promise it’s the best recording in the world, but I hope you find something in it all the same.

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